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Did you ever try to begin with a programming language or application but stopped because you couldn't find to right quick start document. It seems that all that is out there are pointers for advanced users only. You want simple examples that helps you make it understand.
I'm facing the same problem and with the fast changing computer world it seems to me that if you don't keep in sync learning a new programming language or tool it will become more and more difficult. So during my learning process I write things down and the result can be found in the following chapters.
I hope it helps for you too. And if you like what you see or have comments please let me know.

Atmel NGW100

AVR32 Network Gateway 100 development board for getting started with embedded Linux.

Latest update: 3-8-2011

MS Visual Studio C# 2005 .NET
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MS Visual Studio 2005 C++ .NET Cook book Tutorials

Unix commands
List of the most commonly used Unix commands.
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